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ESR - Environmental
Science and Research

Pūhoro has had the privilege to access reputable scientists from ESR who have engaged and delivered specialised workshops at Pūhoro wānanga with our rangatahi over the years.

The relationship between ESR and Pūhoro has gone from strength to strength and ESR works nationally with the Pūhoro programme to further expose rangatahi to the breadth of work that ESR undertakes in the sciences, with the aim being to inspire them and further broaden their understanding of this area of work within the sector.

For example, recently at Wānanga our rangatahi were given an introductory career insight into the life of a forensic scientist. They rotated around different stations to experiment with different elements of forensic investigation such as dusting for fingerprints and lifting them, investigating different blood spatter patterns and looking at fibres. They learnt about different techniques to solve cases and some of the deeper considerations of forensic work such as applying morals to a case. Some of the feedback from this session which highlights the impacts that these engagements have are the following:

“One of the highlights from this ESR workshop was getting to experience a part of what these scientists work with and what they deal with in their careers. I found this interesting because while we were finding fingerprints or footprints, it made me think that I could have a career in this field of science” — Y11 AGGS

"The investigation activity was a highlight because we got to uncover information and learn about criminolgoy" - Y11 Botany Downs

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