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Our Land and Water

The Our Land and Water National Science Challenge is a primary sponsor of the Pūhoro STEMM Academy and has been instrumental in supporting the growth and development of Pūhoro.

Under the direction of Ken Taylor, former director of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, Hōne McGregor Governance Group Chair, Dr Selai Letica - Kaiarataki, Naomi Aporo - Kaihāpai Māori and Annabel McAleer - Senior Communications Advisor the partnership continues to thrive

Pūhoro is delighted to now work with Dr Jenny Webster Brown the current Director of Our Land and Water and further strengthen the line of sight for rangatahi Māori into careers and industries which strengthen these fundamental toanga – our land and our waters here in Aotearoa. 

Our Land and Water has been a key driver in enabling access for rangatahi in the Pūhoro kaupapa, through their diverse network of partners we have been able to to undertake meaningful summer (November - February) internship opportunities. These internships are strategically aligned with Our Land and Water objectives and give rangatahi hands on experience while building their technical and research based skills in the sciences.

Pūhoro STEMM Academy Director Naomi Manu, says the internship programme is significant for Pūhoro as it strengthens the long-term skills pipeline from secondary schools into tertiary education, then the workforce.

“This internship element enables students to discover their passions and to work in new and exciting STEM environments whilst being mentored by people who are committed to building Māori capability in STEM. These are made possible by the generous support of Our Land and Water.” 

Our Land and Water governance group chair Hōne McGregor says: “Pūhoro enables rangatahi Māori to meaningfully engage in science and explore their current and future contribution to the science community, with Māori-led research, as Māori scientists equipped with a Māori world view.”

As we continue to work together with the incredible team and partners of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, we look forward to further realising the potential of our rangatahi and continuing to build a generation of Māori scientists equipped and ready to solve challenges and create positive change for our whenua and our wai in Aotearoa.

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